Teaching Methodology:

Experiential learning, first introduced in the primary section, continues to flourish in the middle section. As it emphasizes ‘learning by doing’ and discourages rote learning, it reduces stress, and motivates the students to become self-learners. To further boost their independence, students are introduced to co-operative learning where they are put into groups according to their strengths, interests and needs. Group members profit from each others’ strengths and work together to enhance the learning experience.


Teaching is facilitated by Interactive Tools of Tata Class Edge for reinforcement of concepts. All other facilities, beginning with the various laboratories and including the library and the activity rooms are shared by the students of the primary and the middle sections.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Co-scholastic or extra-curricular activities are conducted throughout the year. There is something for every student, with every bent of mind, to try his or her hand at, beginning with Handwriting (both Hindi and English) and including Sloka-reciting (Sanskrit), Cyber quiz, Debate, Dance, Best-out-of-Waste, and so on. Names and dates of competitions are highlighted in the school calendar so that the students get ample time to prepare themselves. Teachers, too, are always at hand to assist with their expertise.

Assessment/ Results:

In accordance with the CBSE guidelines, the Annual Assessment of students is based on two Unit Tests and two Term Examination. The Formatives are based on the activities including Speaking Skills, Quiz, Grid and Puzzles, Crossword, Rapid-fire questions, Map Skills, Recitation and Identify/Rectify errors. The Summative Assessments are scholastic-based.

Results are prepared keeping in mind the format suggested by CBSE. Descriptive Indicators on Self Assessment, Work Education, Performing Arts, School Environment/values, Yoga and Sports are also an integral part of the Report Card. In accordance with the CBSE guidelines, all students till Class VIII are entitled to General Promotion to the next class.