Teaching Methodology:

Experiential learning forms the backbone of the teaching-learning process in classes I to V. It uses an interesting mix of diagrams, graphical representations, charts and models, produced by both teachers and students, to create an engaging atmosphere. This hands-on methodology is supplemented by visits to Language, Math and Junior Science laboratories, and supported by traditional classroom transaction to offer a variety of learning opportunities to the students.

Education is also imparted through visits to museums and engineering and technological institutes and industries, where students get first-hand knowledge of how to implement scientific concepts.

In keeping with the latest developments in the field of education, teaching and learning also take place through interactive smartboards that stimulate the students through a host of concept-based visuals, activities and media.


Apart from the Language, Math and Junior Science laboratories, the primary section also boasts of a fully equipped computer laboratory. The well-furnished and rich Library, the Yoga Room, Dance Room, Instrumental and Vocal Music Rooms, Sports and Judo Coaching Room, Art and Craft Studio further serve to provide an all-round exposure to the students. Students have the opportunity to strengthen their interest in any field of their choice.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Literary, cultural and sports competitions are organized for the students of the primary section, through which they can prove their mettle. Quizzes based on computers, science and math are organized to enrich their knowledge and hone their quizzing skills. Through SPECTRUM, the Annual Exhibition, the students get the chance to display their aesthetic and scientific temperament.  Through the Annual Function, they get the chance to showcase their cultural and performing arts abilities.

Assessment/ Results:

In accordance with the CBSE guidelines, annual assessment of the students is based on six Formative Assessments. The activity-based Formatives include Speaking Skills, Quiz, Grid and Puzzles, Crossword, Rapid-fire questions, Map Skills, Recitation and Identify/Rectify errors, and are content-based.